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  1. Bonjour Jaques,

    Your rickshaw piece shows you have ability.

    I also see you have followed my tutorials. I see the resultant clips cobbled together into a reel of some kind. While I don’t want to admonish you for doing that, I certainly feel it is a poor way to present your skills to potential clients. It’s a good way to show the results of following tutorials to potential clients, but a reel should be made of finished work.

    Either way, I’m glad you enjoy the tutorials and I am happy to hear they help you learn motion graphics. You do seem to have the skills to apply that you have learned. It would be good if your reel showed that off more… and was shorter. Like 6 minutes shorter.

    Bon chance and thanks for reaching out.


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Film en Motion Design pour une association impliquée dans le développement du rickshaw au Bangladesh.


Montage : Jacques Bayol
Images : NINA Bayol Kitchehette Graphisme
Réalisation : NINA ET Jacques Bayol
Production : BLUEHOUSE
Diffusion : VIMEO